Westminster Choir, Dallas                                                                                           Italian Concerto - J. S. Bach - Allegro

Rehearsal and Conducting Workshop

Veni Creator: Variations for Organ - D. Dobrin, Organist & Composer
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Performed (virtually) on the St. Anne Organ, of Birmingham, England, constructed by Brindley and Foster of Sheffield in 1907.

A Norwalk Kyrie - D. Dobrin, Organist & Composer
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Composed during my tenure as Music Director at St. Mary's in Norwalk, CT, ca. 1992

Italian Concerto -Presto - D. Dobrin playing J. S. Bach
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A unique experiment:

   I have been playing Bach's Italian Concerto since my undergrad student days. Later on, a comparison between the music of Bach and Gothic Architecture became the subject of my Masters Thesis. I have performed this work quite a few times both on piano and on harpsichord, but never on organ! Why not, then?
   It is well worth pointing out that Bach himself wrote forte and piano in the score, thus compelling me to think that he was thinking about contrasting lines, giving the 
right hand supremacy over the left and vice versa, numerous times. Thus, I chose to record it using separate registrations for the two manuals, bouncing from one to the other.

I want to walk as a Child of the Light - Can you say High-B?

Ubi Caritas - Durufle. The Choir at Westminster Presbyterian in Dallas, TX.

-NOTE: Even considering that the YouTube poster added a little "presence" to the sound, my 13 volunteers sing with admirable musicality and precision, don't you think?)

Just performed in Dallas, TX, "Shabbat Shalom" shares a universal message: regardless of religious affiliation, the observance of the Sabbath as a means of weekly spiritual renewal is, today more than ever, a physical need. Peace to all.